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  • Novel and green process to synthesis high quality graphene as conductive additives for Li ion batteries
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  • Chung Yuan Christian University
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  • 劉偉仁
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  • WRLiu1203@gmail.com
Technical Description Owing to excellent properties of graphene, graphene-based materials have been widely used in many applications. The synthetic approaches of graphene, such as exfoliation and cleavage, ultrasonic exfoliation, growth on SiC, chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, chemical synthesis, chemical routes and so on. Mass production of graphene or few layer graphene is being hindered by the expensive cost and environmental threat of its conventional synthesis. For example, disadvantages of chemical vapor deposition are high cost and limitation of area. Chemical routes, so called Hummers’ method, suffered from usage of strong acid and oxidants during oxidation processes. A vast amount of waste acids resulted in environmental pollution and problems. In this invention, we propose a green process by using jet cavitation. We successfully demonstrate a new process to obtain high quality graphene and apply it to Li ion battery applications.
Scientific Breakthrough The critical problem for the commercialization of graphene is the cost issue. Even for hummers’ method or CVD process, both of these approaches suffer from high cost. Our proposed green process is a cost-effective and green process to obtain high quality graphene for Li ion battery applications.
Industrial Applicability Owing to the excellent properties, graphene nanosheets have been widely reported for many applications, such as composite materials, energy materials, optical electronic materials. Here we propose a green process is cost-effective and green process to obtain high quality graphene. Our graphene could be applied on Li ion batteries, heat dissipation, EMI shielding, anticorrosion and as fillers for composite materials.