Technical Name Multifunctional liquid crystal smart cloud sensors
Project Operator Tamkang University
Project Host 陳志欣
This technology is a new microarray chip sensing technology that integrates "organic light-emitting diodes", "liquid crystal chemical sensors" and "mobile communication system" into "multifunctional liquid crystal smart cloud sensors". The obtained signals are uploaded to the cloud for multi-dimensional analysis to achieve multiplex detection in one single sample. This sensor device is lightweight, low-cost, simple to operate, and the target-of-interest can be custom-made according to user needs.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
This technological innovation integrates scientific theory and research in the fields of chemistry, electronics, and electrical engineering into a convenient and multi-functional liquid crystal sensing technology. The scientific breakthrough of technology focuses on the development of liquid crystal sensing mechanism, design and synthesis of liquid crystal molecular probes, establishing the manufacturing process for liquid crystal sensing chip, optimizing the OLED device parameters suitable for this system, and integration of the image capture and data transmission system. The integration of different technical disciplines raises the technical threshold of this system.
Industrial Applicability
The developed multifunctional liquid crystal smart cloud sensor is a new application of organic electronic devices. Its industrial applications include: material synthesis, environmental and biomedical detection, chip and panel manufacturing, mobile communication transmission, and cloud big data analysis. The technical insight of this sensor fits the goal of "Asian Silicon Valley", "Biomedical Industry" and "New Agriculture" among the target industries of "The 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan" proposed by the government. It also fits the deepening of Taiwan's technology vision blueprint that plans to enhance the biotechnology medical industry, develop new generation chips and develop 5G communication to makes Taiwan a smart country.
Keyword Liquid crystal sensors optical sensors portable sensors organic light emitting diodes artificial Intelligent cloud computing micro-array chip multiplex analysis virus fast-screening monitoring of water quality
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