Technical Name Cholesteric Liquid Crystal AI Electric-Optical AIoT System for Environmental Detection, Medical Test, Epidemic PreventionGreen energy applications
Project Operator Taipei Medical University
Project Host 蕭宇成
The new technology of cholesteric liquid crystal optoelectronic AI sensing smart IoTthe construction of big data database are our core technologies. Cancer, epidemic preventionenvironmental testing fields. Through innovative applications of liquid crystals, including spectral analysis of cholesteric liquid crystalssensing technology using smartphones, we use AI to break through the bottleneck of past smart IoT sensors.
Scientific Breakthrough
"Compared with the commonly used detection methods, the team's liquid crystal sensor has the advantage of being smallereasier to carry,it can quickly obtain the optical signal of the sensorobtain the detection result without additional equipment. We have also developed a smart health networkan AIoT epidemic prevention network.
 Five Advantages Far Beyond Competitors Breaking Impossible Sensing Limits:
 1. The price is about 1/50000 of the market
 2. 1/1000 the volume of the competitor
 3. It only takes 10–15 minutes
 4. Detection limit 10 fg/ml (quantifiable)
 5. Can combine AIbig data IoT"
Industrial Applicability
We propose a cholesteric liquid crystal AioT IoT framework that can be used in sensors, edgecloud computing infrastructures. Combining chemical probesAI image recognition with cholesterol liquid crystals, a novel detection system is formed. Therefore, we believe that this research has a high development potentialexpect to become a new protagonist in the field of intelligent detection in the future. At present, we use this technology to make many smart sensors, including environmental sensing, PM2.5, sewage, BSA, various types of cancer, bacteria, etc. Even the most important issues at present, ractopamine content sensingrapid screening of COVID-19,
Keyword Liquid crystal sensor Internet of Things Artificial intelligence
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