Technical Name Development of cutting knowledge base to enhance machine tool performance
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 鄭友仁
"Tool replacementtool life diagnosis" in smart manufacturing is a key link between the quality of workpiecethe efficiency of the manufacturing process, so it is an indicator of the operating efficiency of machine tools. This technology combines on-site monitoring data, laboratory analysisdeep learning to provide best tool selectionprocessing parameter combinations for
Scientific Breakthrough
Based on the online diagnosis of cutting, establish a cutting knowledge base with (a) cutting thrust(b) motor current as the core, combined with laboratory analysis environment, collect (c) workpiece surface roughness (d) chip characteristics (e)cutting temperature,the other relevant data, import deep learning operations. According to the machinability of material cutting,with the a
Industrial Applicability
The cutting knowledge base can provide various types of machine tools, tool selection under workpiece materialsoptimized processing parameter combinations under different production capacity requirements as well as early warning of tool life during processing. In addition to solving the misjudgment of humanthe experience inheritance crisis of talent , it can also improve the effectivenes
Keyword Smart manufacture AIot Sensor Artificial Intelligence Machinability Machine tool
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