• Technical Name
  • Intelligent In Situ Monitoring of Membrane Fouling
  • Operator
  • National Taiwan University
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  • AI&IOT
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  • 童國倫
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  • kltung@ntu.edu.tw
Technical Description This technology uses in-situ optical photointerrupt sensorin-situ acoustic ultrasonic transducer to measure the growth of fouling layer thickness during membrane water treatment. Being the world’s first to combine real-time filter speed attenuation dataphysical mode of clogging, the clogging of film can be instantly analyzed in a smart way which in turn effectively extends its lifetime. T
Scientific Breakthrough \"An integrated technique for online fouling monitoring with process-oriented capacities of:1. in situ measurement of fouling layer thickness2. dynamic analysis of fouling layer structure3. monitoringpredicting membrane fouling potentialThe analysis of its real-time changes can optimize appropriate cleaning parametersoperating conditions for subsequent operations thus reducing various
Industrial Applicability By replacing traditional wastewater treatment process with membrane separation technology, high separation efficiencygood quality of discharged water can be achieved. However, the biggest challenge faced in the developing this technology is the fouling of membrane. When membrane fouling occurs, the filtration rate will significantly reduce which in turn increasing the operation costs. With re