Technical Name Germplasm Bank of Medicinal Coral Producing New Targeted Anti-cancer Agenttheir Aquaculture Technology Platform
Project Operator National Dong Hwa University
Project Host 呂美津
The present invention discloses the germplasm bank of medicinal coral producing new targeted anti-cancer agent and their aquaculture technology platform. The medicinal corals are collected in Kenting, located at the southern tip of Taiwan. In response to the unmet medical needs of new anti-cancer drugs, our research results will provide more diverse types of new drug targets and lead compounds in the "new drug development-new drug discovery and exploration period".
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
The new anti-cancer drug targets in our technology platform are from the Sea: Germplasm Bank of Medicinal Coral in Kenting. The sources of our new drug targets are completely different from the terrestrial plants, and the chemical structures of them also escape the skeletons of the botanical ingredients and their synthetic derivatives. Our research can provide more diverse types of new marine drug targets in Anti-cancer New Drug Development.
Industrial Applicability
Our technology platform can provide the leading compounds of marine anti-cancer new drugs and their production process from the medicinal corals. In the operation models of patent licensing transactions, our present inventions are often good at integrating into the Taiwanese enterprises and multinational companies.
Keyword New Drug Development New Chemical Entity (NCE) Small Molecule Drug Marine Drugs Lead Compound Germplasm Bank of Medicinal Coral Aquaculture Technology Platform Cancer Treatment New Anti-cancer Therapeutic Targets Anti-cancer Adjuvant
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