Technical Name Precision Medicine Public-private Alliance
Project Operator National Health Research Institutes
Project Host 衛生福利部
The Public-Private Precision Medicine Alliance (PPP) coordinates with the clinical study platform (e.g. TCOG) to provide high-quality patient recruitment/data collection support to conduct the Collaborative Precision Medicine Research Program initiated and invested by the industrial partners. In this program, the LDTs certified NGS-based genetic tests are performed, with results applied to treatments and follow-up data collected. Also, patient consents to submit data to the National Biobank Consortium are obtained for future data use. Thus, the PPP project successfully links industrial, medical, academic, and government resources to achieve its four major goals: acceleration of clinical studies for new drug developments, enhancing cancer therapy developments to benefit patients, establishing cancer precision medicine databases conducive for R&D using RWD/RWE, and to facilitate evidence-based assessment for genetic tests insurance coverage policies.
Scientific Breakthrough
Industrial Applicability
Keyword Precision Medicine Public–private Partnership
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  • Ya-Wen Liu
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