• Technical Name
  • Intelligent image-guiding needle puncture
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  • National Yang-Ming University
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  • Precision Health Ecosystem
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  • 高孟群
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  • joekao327@gmail.com
Technical Description Optical coherence tomography using an optical probe with a diameter of 0.9 mm, combined with the 14-18 gauge needle, is used for clinical needle puncture. Using the real-time image obtained from the tip of the needle in the tissue, the needle position can be identified. Combined with artificial intelligence can achieve objective, accurate and automatic identification of the tissue, which has been successfully verified in anesthesia and laparoscopic surgery.
Scientific Breakthrough Needle puncture technology is an indispensable technology in clinical medicine. The many related operations are related to puncture actions, such as pneumoperitoneum establishment、epidural blockade and fascia plane block procedure, etc. It\'s very depend on the doctor\'s experience and touch feel. Our system provides the real-time tomography image and automatic classification method when the optical needle probe punctures the tissue by physician operators does puncture surgery. This technology uses Intelligent image to guide needle puncture to achieve precise positioning and required safety, which can greatly reduce the failure rate of traditional puncture needles and other complications, such as careless meningeal puncture.
Industrial Applicability Needle puncture technology is an indispensable technology in clinical medicine. However, it very depends on the doctor\'s clinical experience and touch feel. Our core technology is providing the real-time OCT image and automatic classification method to guide the needle puncture surgery. This innovative technology has been successfully developed in pneumoperitoneum establishment and epidural blockade in animal experiments and published papers and patents. Our technology will improve safety and greatly reduce the complications on difficult patients (e.g. for elderly, obesity, spinal deformity, or children).