Technical Name AI 2 Robot City
Project Operator National Taiwan Normal University
Project Host 許庭嘉
”AI2 Robot City” is a game-based learning kit for primary and secondary school students, which combines AI image-recognition teaching tool of MIT App Inventor and the computational thinking board game named as "Robot City." Through this learning kit, users will learn to make smart cars, create image-recognition models, write and perform mobile application. Users will learn to write a program to recognize the personal cards in the board game, and furthermore to control the smart cars with blue-tooth and compete in the computational thinking board game. 
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
“AI 2 Robot City” provides the creatively original integration in the teaching and application of image recognition. Users can not only learn to interact with each other, but also gain new skills. This learning kit has the characteristics of computing thinking, AI education, and Maker. Compared with the computational thinking board games and coding robots on the market, this technique focuses on integrating interdisciplinary knowledge construction. In the future, “Al 2 Robot City” can also assist in the teaching field, and provide more intuitive and cohesive instructional material as a bridge between the introduction of basic AI courses and advanced technology applications.
Industrial Applicability
”AI 2 Robot City” which combines AI image recognition, STEAM, and CT board games, provides good model of teaching materials for the education industry. It establishes introductory content for primary and secondary schools under game-based learning, allows students easier to learn interdisciplinary materials, and cultivates their AI concepts and practical skills. The learning kit is also extensible. Even for students with good capabilities or higher grades, there is still a diversified application space. AI 2 Robot City is highly in line with market needs, and provides the cohesive position for subsequent education.
Matching Needs
We are in the contract with the Taiwanese company to publish this product in Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu. At present we are looking forward to have a good cooperation with global companies in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia about Information Education and Maker.
Keyword Artificial intelligence image recognition personalized mobile application educational robot computational thinking board game maker STEAM game-based learning computer science teaching material
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