• Technical Name
  • A Kinase Inhibitor that Induces Degradation of MYC Oncoprotein
  • Operator
  • National Health Research Institutes
  • Booth
  • Precision Health Ecosystem
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  • 陳萲蓉
  • Email
  • enachen@nhri.edu.tw
Technical Description This technology is a development drug lead aiming to meet the medical needs of patients with small cell lung cancer. Through disturbing MYC-Aurora A interaction and inducing degradation of MYC oncoprotein, this bioavailable kinase inhibitor could serve as a potential treatment entity for SCLC.
Scientific Breakthrough MYC oncoprotein is a transcription factor that induces tumorigenesis. MYC has been viewed as a undruggable drug target in the past 40 years. The novel small molecule developed in this technology breaks through the past viewpoints. It had demonstrated degradation of the MYC oncoprotein, as well as tumor regression in xenograft mouse models.
Industrial Applicability To date chemotherapy is still a standard treatment strategy for small cell lung cancer (SCLC), and no targeted therapy is available. Novel small molecules that promote degradation of MYC oncoproteins would be of great advancement in cancer treatment. The high percentage of tumors diagnosed with MYC amplification in patients provides clear market differentiation and this technology is therefore warranted.