Technical Name Time-restricted Blockchain-based certificate proof system with biometric wallet
Project Operator TWISC@NTHU
Project Host 葉羅堯
This project integrates biometric authentication and private key storage to achieve offline wallet for better protection. Furthermore, the time-restricted verification function is an innovate feature to restrict the verification period assigned by the certificate holder. This new feature could be adapted into the GDPR-compliance blockchain-based system for the “right to be forgotten.” In current version, our prototype system is built on Ethereum and IPFS.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Biometric-based wallet. integrating biometric and blockchain wallet for convenience and secure key management tool. 
2.Time-restricted verification: set the verification period to enhance the privacy protection and to fulfill the right to be forgotten in GDPR.
3.Watermark: The displayed certificate is embedded with the watermark to deter malicious verifiers from capturing the certificate image for another goals.
Industrial Applicability
1.Biometric-based wallet: integrating biometric and blockchain wallet to provide better convenience and security.
2.Time-restricted verification: For example, job application and time-limited bidding are the suitable situation to adopt this feature. The merits of tamper-proof and right to be forgotten can be simultaneously achieved.
3.Watermark mechanism: to deter malicious competitors from capturing document image.
Keyword Blockchain Ethereum document notary IPFS GDPR privacy, , , , watermark biometric blockchain wallet information security
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