Technical Name Smart Hearing Solution
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 劉璟鋒
The Smart Hearing Solution combines innovative product design (IP)artificial intelligence systems (AI) to enhance the quality of the user's hearing. It solves the problem that traditional hearing aids are completely unclear when talking to many people. The core technology to solve the problem of the cocktail party effect.
Scientific Breakthrough
In order to overcome the difficult problem of the cocktail party effect, we designed an innovative smart hearing system. The method of marking the target speaker uses advanced tools such as beamforming for hearing aidsAI technology for deep neural networks with instant speech noise reduction for speech reconstruction.
Industrial Applicability
Under the smart new lifestyle brought by mobile devices, the cloudthe Internet of Things, it will also drive the new industrial style of the auditory auxiliary industry. Through the integration of softwarehardware integrationservice solutions, improve testing, matching,follow-up services, will be the team's key application for the development of the auditory auxiliary industry.
Keyword Hearing aids Cocktail party effect Beamforming Deep learning Bone conduction OTC Blind Sources Separation directional microphone Denoise SNR
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