Technical Name Cardiovascular Disease Detection, AnalysisEvaluation System-On-ChipPlatform
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 李順裕
The objective of this project is to develop a portablewireless urine detection systemplatform for prevention of cardiovascular disease. The main idea is to develop a system-on-chip, a microelectrodemicrochannel chip to detect biomarkers concentrations in urine. And then, it will be wirelessly transmitted to a smart application platform to evaluate user’s cardiovascular status. 
Scientific Breakthrough
This systemplatform is the first system on chip with multi-biomarkerselectrochemical urine detection for the cardiovascular disease. The proposed systemplatform is used to evaluate the risk of events (hospitalization, emergencydeath, etc.) in the clinical trial,users can predictmonitor the cardiovascular disease through urine testing.
Industrial Applicability
The system can be applied for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, homecarepoint of care test. Patients can monitor disease progressionimprovement at anytimeanywhere to avoid sudden attacksobtain the reportsrecommendations from the mobile APP. The system platform can also be combined with toilets, urinals, diapers to enter our lifecommunity rapid test.
Keyword system on chip cloud healthcare platform bio-sensor chemical sensor internet of thing mobile application artificial intelligent prevention of cardiovascular disease urine detection biomedical electronics
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