Technical Name 應用於預防心血管疾病之無線生理檢測晶片系統與平台
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 李順裕
The technology of 「Guard Patch」includes three parts. 1. Wearable devices, 2. Intelligent wireless monitoring system. 3. Cloud server with AI to avoid the happen of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The products of 「Guard Patch」also includes three parts: 1. Medical Market: (1) YuGuard, (2) YuSound, (3) YuRine. 2. Wearable Market: (1) YuCloth, (2) YuPet, (3) YuBelt. 3.Educative Market: TriAnswer. The mentioned seven products developed by Yutech can be employed in medical, wearable, educative markets to satisfy the different demands of customersachieve the dream of 「Bioelectronics Garden」
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
"1.YuGuard:A low-power long-term wearable body sensor SOC for real-time Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal monitoring. The main advantages of this system are real-time monitoring, convenient for wear,easy to use.
2.YuSound:A smart stethoscope which is capable of measuring the ECG signalthe heart sound signal simultaneously can assist the doctors to diagnose the potential heart disease by signal visualization.
3.YuRine:A wireless urine detection systemplatform is developed to provide a health care platform on monitoring the risks of CVDprevent CVD according to UACR detection."
Industrial Applicability
"1.YuGurad: Real-time display heart rhythm, long-term record heart rhythm data, monitor on cloud anytime/anywhere, diagnosis on-line by physician.
2.YuSound: Real-time display vital signs, systole/diastolic monitor, synchronization of ECGheart sound for diagnosis, capable of visualization, quantification,objectivity as an assistance of physician
3.YuRine: Monitor cardiovascular disease (CVD) status immediately, improve CVD status according to detection data of UACR, long-term recording data, risk assessment of emergency commented by physician, health care in home."
Matching Needs
Keyword 24-hour ECG monitoring patch Intelligent medical stethoscope Wireless urine detection system and platform Smart ECG clothing I-Pet ECG clothing ECG monitoring belt on sports Bio-signal acquisition system and platform Internet of thing (IoT) Artificial intelligence (AI) Wearable device
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