Technical Name Broadband Ocean Bottom Seismometer (BBOBS)
Operator Taiwan Ocean Research Institute
Booth Smart disaster prevention
Technical Description The Broadband Ocean Bottom Seismometer(BBOBS) is a marine instrument that collects natural earthquakesartificial sound sources. BBOBS project has been leading by TORI, Academic Sinica,National Sun Yat-Sen University from designing, testing to success. BBOBS have been deployedrecovered in several research cruisesobtained the great results.
Scientific Breakthrough Application of a high reduction gearbox to design leveling device, with full 360 degrees restoring0.1 degree accuracy, will auto-leveling from all possible orientations.
Industrial Applicability The technology can be used in academic research to increases the observation area on the sea,also used in marine resource exploration. The application targets research institutesthe marine energy industry.
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