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  • 黃佩珍
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Technical Description The ecological impact of marine pollution is the global issue. In addition to plastic particles, sun care products may also contain ingredients which cause pollution to the ocean. Sunscreen products are important to protect consumers from sunburn, agingeven cancer. Inspired by nature, we provide a newinnovative cosmetic raw materials that meet humanityenvironmental protection.
Scientific Breakthrough MFungus is a new material with anti-UV properties based on Tremella. It can greatly ameliorate the free radicals generated by UV light absorption. It has passed the In Vitro EpiDermTM Skin Irritation Test. The advantages of high water absorption are better than the existing common sun-care materials, which is in line with the trend of industry pursuit of healthmarine ecological friendliness.
Industrial Applicability This is the core technology promoted by the emerging health mushroom of industrytechnology alliance. The skin care products from the mushroom have been developed in the market. These representative ingredients include antioxidants, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, whiteningmoisturizing effects. MFungus is the first using the Tremella to generate the new materials with broad-band UV protection.