Technical Name The renaissance of string instruments in the 21st century: replicating the acoustics of Old Italian violins using modern material science
Operator National Taiwan University
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Technical Description We combined materialsound analysis of wood to decode the secrets of Stradivari violinsChinese guqin. By comparing modernStradivari's wood, we identified chemical manipulationsaging effects. Acoustic analysis revealed how Stradivarius imitate human voices. In the future, we expect to reproduce the unique materials of violinsapply sound analysis for quality monitoring.
Scientific Breakthrough By cooperating with Chi-Mei Museumviolin experts, we obtained several Italian violins’ wood chipsscale recordings. The effect of agingunnatural elemental abundance in Stradivarius were measured by spectral analysis. Besides, we used linear predictive coding to analyze the recordings. The formants of Stradivari’s violins appeared at higher frequency, which makes their sound brighter.
Industrial Applicability We have tried various chemical treatments on modern wood to simulate the properties of Stradivari’s violinsachieved some similarities. Once the technique becomes mature, we can further cooperate with the luthiers. By offering the techniques of wood chemical treatmentacoustic analysis as a verification, it is possible to reproduce the unique sound of 18th-century violins.
Contact 鍾任軒