Technical Name 應用創新電催化及奈米氣泡整治系統處理油污染土壤及地下水
Project Operator National Sun Yat-Sen University
Project Host 高志明
The developed innovativegreen electrolyzed catalysis (EC) system can generate high concentrations of hydroxyl radical (OH·)nanobubbles, which can remediate TPH-contaminated soilgroundwater effectivelyeconomically. The EC system applies high voltagehigh electric fielduses direct current to change the structure of water molecular. Under activities of high voltagecatalystselectrolysis reactions, the electric discharges can produce EC water containing ·OH for TPH oxidation without secondary pollution. Nanobubbles can produce ·OH continuously after bursting.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
The innovative ECcatalyst system can produce high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals (OH·)nanobubbles for TPH-contaminated polluted site remediation. Electric discharges between catalyzed electrodes can produce EC water (ECW) for pollutant oxidation. Acidicalkaline water can be produced for further application. Nanobubbles can produce OH· continuously after bursting. Reaction mechanisms of ECWnanobubbles have been evaluated. EC prototype contains a series of electrode pairs, which can significantly enhance OH· production. Developed catalysts can improve the OH· production efficiency.
Industrial Applicability
Conventional remedial methods are expensivethey may result in secondary pollution. The developed ECcatalyst system can effectively enhance remediation efficiencyreduce the cost significantly,thus, the technology is very competitive. Due to the disclosure of numerous contaminated sites, the remediation market will grow rapidly in developing countries. We will work with consulting firms to strive for the remediation projects in these countries. The system can contribute to risk reduction, revitalization of contaminated sites with low cost,sustainable society development.
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Keyword electrocatalysis total petroleum hydrocarbons soil contamination groundwater contamination catalyst hydroxyl radical nanobubble chemical oxidation electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer organic contaminant
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