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  • 以CXCR4受體為分子標的之急性心肌梗塞治療藥物開發
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  • National Health Research Institutes
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  • 精準健康(生技&新藥) Precision Health(Biotech & New Drug Development)
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  • 夏克山
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  • ksshia@nhri.edu.tw
Technical Description DBPR807, a safehighly specific CXCR4-targeting antagonist, has completed the concept validation of treating acute myocardial infarction (AMI) through both ratmini-pig animal disease models induced by occluding the left anterior descending artery (LAD). When DBPR807 (5 mg/kg, SC) was given in the rat model, a significant heart-protective effect was observed with reducing cardiac infarctionfibrosis by 4341, respectively. In the mini-pig model, DBPR807 (3 mg/kg, IV) treatment was allowed to improve 3-month LVEF up to 52 falling in a standard range between 50~70.
Scientific Breakthrough DBPR807, a safehighly specific CXCR4-targeting antagonist containing a unique oxazole 5-membered ring, was allowed to significantly reduce heart damage caused by reperfusion during PCI operation in treating AMI. DBPR807 therapeutic efficacy is superior to its Phase II counterparts TG-0054POL6326 in the mini-pig disease model with a significant improvement in the long-term prognosis up to 52 in the 3-month LVEF, a standard range of which is between 5070.
Industrial Applicability PCI is a standard medical procedure for treating AMI, while the reperfusion of LAD occlusion during the process may cause heart damage, leading to the poor long-term prognosis. As demonstrated by the ratmini-pig disease models, treatment with DBPR807 prior to PCI has been shown to have a significant heart-protective effect, providing a potential combination therapy for AMI.