• Technical Name
  • 內埋技術於5G高頻散熱元件的開發與應用
  • Operator
  • Yuan Ze University
  • Booth
  • 先進材料&綠能
  • Contact
  • 何政恩
  • Email
  • ceho1975@saturn.yzu.edu.tw
Technical Description \"The heat dissipation of electronic components becomes one of the most critical technologies for the developments of IoT, IoV,5G mobile communications. Implantation of heat dissipation components inside electronic products is of practice important to the 5G communication products today. Herein, we established: 1. High-speedpulse-reverse electroplating methods for the fabrication of heat dissipation components.2. Microstructure modification of Cu interconnects for fine line technology5G high-frequency/-speed transmission interconnect design.\"
Scientific Breakthrough \"1. The heat dissipation components were successfully embedded in PCB via the pulse-reverse, high-speed Cu electrodeposition method, which greatly increase the throughput of electrodeposition5G heat dissipation efficiency.2. The Cu microstructure can be well modified to meet the requirements of fine lines5G high-frequency transmission.\"
Industrial Applicability \"1. Through the simulation platform (COMSOL MultiphysicsANSYS-HFSS), we enabled to greatly increase the fabrication throughput of heat dissipation components for 5G high-frequency PCBautomotive PCB.2. Through the Cu microstructure modification, the mechanical reliabilities of fine lineshigh-frequency transmission can be greatly improved.\"