Technical Name 打造沒有圍牆的醫院
Project Operator Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital
Project Host 林俊龍
"1. Apply big datasmart integration technology, extend the high quality healthcare of a medical center to remote areas through the application of modern internetcommunication technologies.establish a systematic service support model.
2. Establish a personal medical record platform for holistic health care based on international medicalhealth data exchange standards.
3. Acquire data through wearable devices, combined with key technologies such as cloud storage, big data analysis,integrate health care Information Network for Telehealth careTelemedicine."
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
"1.Data exchangeinterface standardization: on the basis of the FHIR standard to achieve the use of interoperable access to a unified format of health care data.
2.Establish families health records: return household health records through individual cases, integrate public health services of health centers,assist in the establishment of healthwell-being platform management.
3.Continuous smart care: Through Telehealth care, Telemedicine routinizationphysiological measurement, continuous care records of wearable devices for analysisutilization."
Industrial Applicability
"1.Government-Industry-University-Volunteer cross-field cooperation: Integrate the cross-field medical industryapply health information technology to establish continuous smart care services.
2.Develop business models in remote areas: Develop a health business model suitable for remote areas based on the population structure, disease characteristics,resource integration of different demonstration fields.
3.Modularized experience replicationdiffusion:Platform integration model experience, modularized replicationdiffusion to remote areas of countiescities."
Matching Needs
Keyword Health and well-being Technology Integrated care Microservice FHIR wearable devices Telehealth care Telemedicine Continuous smart care Families health records Modularization Remote areas
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