Technical Name The world-leading state-of-art Spectrochip Technology and Care-Safety Spectral Platform
Project Operator National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Project Host 柯正浩
Based on our SpectroChip technology, we can provide instant personal care-safety analysis platform. SpectroChip can be embedded in handheld devices or in smart phones to perform spectral sensing of test strips and reagents, which can reveal the personal biological data as well as all sorts of test items.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our Team reduced the spectrometer into a chip called SpectroChip(Only Mass Production). With SpectroChip, our team developed a comprehensive range of spectrometer device. With the Spectral device is combined with AI you can achieve testing anytime and from anywhere. The key technologies of SpectroChip will contribute to the improvement of all biomedical, safety life and global industry.
Industrial Applicability
Our technology integrates IoT SiP spectrochip module, computation algorithm, Apps, spectrochip IoT intelligent edge and Intelligent cloud. A total solution is ready to be incorporated into any smart phone and handheld device systems. With the incorporation of our spectrochip platform, hundreds to thousands items related to personal and home care can be added to the worldwide Care-Safety analysis cloud.
Keyword Spectrometer Spectrochip Optical Chip Spectral Platform Aqua Analysis Hub Biomedical AIoT Healthy Care IIoT Life Safety
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