Technical Name 精準智慧健康照護平台
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 蘇芳慶
We develops a precision smart healthcare platform to deliver a comprehensive medical care experience to the elderly by Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technology. The platform offers health education, community interaction, personal health information,rehabilitation logs. It can be used as a basis for clinical staff to conduct diagnosistreatment. The system development tools use PHP programming languageLaravel framework to develop all arithmetic logic,gradually complete the dynamic association databaseinteractive web page functions.
Scientific Breakthrough
The design of the precision smart health care platform is based on the perspective of system modularization. The data stream is uploaded to the cloud database through the API. Physiological data of the user during exerciserehabilitation will be collected,the system will perform a safety assessment according to the algorithmgive a safety warning in time. The system collects personal physiological informationprovides personalized health promotion courses accordingly.
Industrial Applicability
The technology establish a human-oriented, integratedprecise smart health promotion platform, connecting medical centers to communityhome life, connecting medical care, healthcare, industry,senior citizens with intelligent technology, driving an autonomously operated intelligent health care ecological chain. This innovative technology provides an opportunity to integrate medicalcare information, creating a potential market for the industry. Local businesses that can be connected with each other to build up business models, promoting the development of local industries.
Matching Needs
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