Technical Name Person-centred medicallong-term care information integration system
Project Operator National Health Research Institutes
Project Host 邱弘毅
This project utilises informationcommunication technology to develop an innovative model of integration of medicallong-term care services. The integration model shares healthcare information between medicallong-term care settingslinks information from hospital discharge to community-based long-term care services of a patient. Specifically, we are able to explore the effectiveness of the person-centred continuum healthcare integration model by implementing a medicallong-term care information integration model in a practical field.
Scientific Breakthrough
To develop an innovative model of integrated medicallong-term care services for the elderly using informationcommunication technologies to streamline workflowimprove the quality of care. Constructing a model of continuum healthcare data linkage in Taiwan, developing data science methodstools, gradually introducing big data analysisartificial intelligence computing, making data-driven care predictions, building healthcare-related prediction models, providing personalised health risk assessmentmanagementcare plan,enhancing multi-disciplinary care decision-making capabilities.
Industrial Applicability
This project proposes a strategy for the integrationapplication of health, medicalcares information for the medicallong-term care service ecosystem in Taiwan:
1. To integrate medicallong-term care person-centred information by employing informationcommunication technologies (ICT). The integration model enables us to provide real-time information exchange between different sites, e.g., medicallong-term care sitesallows the delivery of medicallong-term care services smoothly.
2. To apply integrated data analysisartificial intelligence computation to build predictive models for health caredevelop new forms of precision health care models.
Keyword Medical and long-term care integration precision health care holistic community care model information communication technology (ICT) Internet of things (IoT) Big data health and well-being innovative services smart medicine smart long-term care cloud computing
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