Technical Name Building integrated management system by artificial intelligence based on big data analysis and data mining to implement precision medicine in healthcare management
Project Operator I-Shou University
Project Host 楊智惠
On this platform, non-digital data precision core sampling technology was used to extract crucial representative samples from a large volume of text or image data for labelling. The core sample precision projection technology was used to disseminate the labelled information to non-labelled samples for post-labelling machine learning to train the models to actively identify patients. In addition, the team used fine parameter adjustment for improvement of the accuracy of medical prediction model technology. The predictive model statistical reliability and validity validation technology was used to test the reliability of using the predictive models in clinical practice and active detection. Also, information systems in medical institutions were integrated into one platform, assisted by the patented behavioral simulation weight technology and management platform dynamic, intelligent logic, counselor technology so that the user can rapidly screen out subjects with high medical needs.
Scientific Breakthrough
In matter of medical management integration platform, competitors only combine 4 main information systems in medical institutions randomly and only present “1+1+N” single interface. As for our artificial intelligence integrated management platform which not only maximize the integration of 4 main systems, but also be able to diagnose the patients and high-risk populations automatically. With its assistance, medical personnel and case managers can get patients’ health condition in real time to enhance efficiency of case management and make healthcare process fluently. In conclusion, our platform is better in the aspects of quantity, integration and stability and so on. What’s more, the service provided after the introduction of artificial intelligence calculation technology is the pioneer.
Industrial Applicability
The product has 5 clinical values to solve the problem of clinical disease case management care. The 5 values are identification, investigation, initiation of appropriate treatment, improving adherence and intelligence. With the combination of artificial intelligence case management platform and patented technologies, it not only can notify case, trace case, decrease labor requirement and improve quality of care, but also can decrease health insurance expenditure, increase hospitals’ income and let patients get better treatment. By and large, the platform has maximized the medical benefit.
Keyword Integrated Management System by Artificial Intell Osteoporosis Artificial Intelligence(AI) Precision Medicine Big Data Hospital Information System(HIS) Radiology Information System(RIS) Picture archiving and communication system(PACS) Laboratory Information System(LIS) Clinical Information System(CIS)
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