Technical Name Intelligent Disease Risk Early Detection System using Deep LearningBig Data Techniques
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 曾新穆
This system iDeepCare integrates deep learningbig data analytics methodologies, coupled with various techniques of image processing, time-series miningtext mining to provide intelligent disease risk prediction functions by analyzing medical data like the medical imaging, vital signs,medical records. The system carries the merits of high accuracy as well as real-time response for early detection of disease risks in smart medicine applications.
Scientific Breakthrough
The developed disease risk prediction techniques carry high degree of innovation in smart medicine. For example, the image recognition technique can identify the property of colectral polyps from endoscope images with high accuracy of 97real-time response time ( 0.5 second). This technique has been published in the top journal Gastroenterologyreported by Reuters Health with high rec
Industrial Applicability
The developed techniques can be applied in various Smart Medicine areas. For medical sides, it can reduce the diagnosis error rateraise efficiency For patient sides, it can enhance early detection for better treatmentslower cost For IT service side, it can be integrated with existing medical systems like HIS (Hospital Information System)、PACS Image SystemCIS (Clinical Information 
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