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  • 新型可調控光學特性及生物功能之人工水晶體
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 精準健康(醫材&防疫科技) Precision Health(Medical Device & Pandemic Prevention)
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  • 張乃云
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  • changnaiyun@ntu.edu.tw
Technical Description Our team used Chemical Vapor Deposition to create a multi-functional polymer coating, which is an extremely densenano-level parylene film. Using the vapor deposition encapsulation technology, the liquid droplet is encapsulated in the parylene film. This new type of intraocular lens, which mimics real human lens, can achieve the ability of ciliary muscle accommodation, moreover, has the characteristics of \" optical properties\"\"biological properties \".
Scientific Breakthrough We combines the green chemistry process with the creative technology to develop a new type of intraocular lens. This innovative product is a liquid structure, with opticalbiological properties. And it also has the following characteristics : (1) the bionic design achieves human ciliary muscle accommodation to provide focusing power for multiple distances (2) long-term implantation in the human eye has better biocompatibility, safetydurability (3) Customize the opticalbiological properties of intraocular lens to achieve precision medical purposes.
Industrial Applicability This innovative technology is applied to the development of new type of intraocular lens, which has opticalbiological properties in one device at the same time. It is mainly applied to the groups of cataracts who need to undergo intraocular lens replacement surgery. In the future, we can further develop intraocular lens implanted with pressure sensing elements, drug release function,targeted therapy, which can be used to treat cataract-related diseasesother ophthalmic diseases. to solve various problems faced by cataract surgery.