Technical Name Harmoscope
Project Operator 光電工程學研究所
Project Host 孫啟光
Harmoscope is a virtual biopsy technology for dermatology. The superior performances of in vivo Harmoscope has been clinically validated by NTU hospital for 14 years, with the deepest penetration, super-resolution,the highest contrast all at the same time. Without imaging processinglabeling, Harmoscope raw images provide the same level of resolutioninformation as the time-consuming gold standard H&E histopathology, allowing dermatologists and pathologists to grade and classify various skin lesions for immediate therapeutic decision without physical biopsy. This award-winning technology will release the saturated loading of skin biopsy examination, greatly improve the quality of point of care, while providing a trauma-free real-time alternative for skin lesion patients.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
Optical virtual biopsy aims to provide the same dual H&E contrastimage resolution as the invasive histopathology. Utilizing the endogenous second harmonic generationthird harmonic generation signals of skin tissues to generate dual contrasts, harmonic generation microscopy is the only technology invention capable of providing the same dual color contrast and super-spatial resolution as the physical biopsy while highest penetration and lowest laser energy deposition can both be achieved in human skin all at the same time. With no need of any extensive optical signal processing, different from OCT, FFOCT and RCM, the innovative Harmoscope provides 3D ultrahigh resolution virtual images through virtual transition processes, thus surpassing all other state-of-the-art technologies.  
Industrial Applicability
1 out of 5 Americans suffer from skin cancerit takes 2-3 months to see a dermatology doctor. A more time-saving way is needed. Harmoscope is dedicated to solve the time consuminglabor-intensive issue of the dermatological histopathology. It has been clinically proven that with Harmoscope the one-week pathological biopsy process can be reduced to within half an hour, thus significantly reducing the labor requirements of inspectors and the waiting time of patient, while reducing the cost per diagnosis. Further more, the trauma-free Harmoscope is not only an attractive alternative for patients but is suitable for sensitive skin and multiple lesion diagnosis, aesthetic medicine, as well as the emerging chronic pain market. 
Keyword Biopsy Harmonic generation microscopy Skin lesion Dermatology Chronic pain Pathology Skin cancer Precision medicine Aesthetic medicine Melanin
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