Technical Name Cancerous lesion identifying method via hyper-spectral imaging technique
Project Operator National Chung Cheng University
Project Host
By the cancerous lesion identifying method via the hyper-spectral imaging technique in the present invention, the cancerous lesion images are digitized and the diagnosis rate of the clinicians may be efficiently increased to help the patients to start the treatments as soon as possible.
Scientific Breakthrough
In the detection of the esophageal cancer, the NBI is the current mainstream technology without spraying dye to include optical dye effect and the operation thereof is very easy. Only one button is to push to switch between the white light mode and the NBI mode so as to repeatedly observe. However, the detection is based on observing surface vessels, such as the changes in Intra-epithelial Papillary Capillary Loop (IPCL), much relying on the subjective determination of the clinicians. Therefore, if the hyper-spectral imaging technique can work with the principle component analysis, a new optical detection method may be provided.
Industrial Applicability
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