Technical Name Combining Augmented RealityRemote Real-time Notification Intelligent Bed Exit Alarm System for Predicting Elderly Falling
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 林志隆
With the rapid growth of the aging population, the safety of the hospitalized elderly has become an important issue. Therefore, our team propose an innovative bed-exit alarm system using multiple sensors for bed-exit detection. With data fusion, IoTAI technologies, the system can achieve early detectionsignificantly reduce false alarms. In addition, it can realize real-time video streami
Scientific Breakthrough
The traditional pressure sensing bed-exit alarm system often make false alarms owing to the different bodyweight of the patients. According to the medical journal report, this kind of product has a high false alarm rate of 30. The high rate of false alarms interrupts the caregivers from time to time, increasing the burden of caringdiscouraging them from using bed-exit alarm products. Therefo
Industrial Applicability
It is estimated that the system will significantly reduce the annual medical expenditure of NT$ 2 billion due to reducing fall accidentscreate NT$ 1 billion in medical care aids to assist in the safe management of elderly care. The developed supervised AI algorithm technology can also be applied to other fields of fall prevention, such as chairs, stairs,bathroom. Besides, through the coo
Keyword Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality Bed-exit Detection Cloud Database Contactless Sensing Data Mining Internet of Things Machine Learning Microminiaturized Circuitry data fusion
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