Technical Name Rapid Detection of AIOT Platform for Food SafetyEpidemic Prevention
Project Operator national central university
Project Host 黃貞翰
The innovative technology which is based on the unique biomimetic material, including immunomagnetic nanoparticles, aqueous extraction solvent,a portable IoT detection device promotes the detection speed, accuracy,precision of the target molecule. Featuring with the excellent ability of non-specific binding, this technology decreased the probability of false-negative/false-positive succe
Scientific Breakthrough
“Rapid Detection of AIOT Platform for Food SafetyEpidemic Prevention” possessed with several innovative breakthroughs. The biomimetic modified materials with high ability of non-specific binding which can react under aqueous solution not only break the limitation of previous problems, but also increase safety, practicality,environmental benefits in detection. Simultaneously, through appl
Industrial Applicability
The biomimetic modified materialaqueous extraction solvent which can finish the surface modificationextraction under aqueous solution are applied by the “Rapid Detection of AIOT Platform for Food SafetyEpidemic Prevention.” The platform breaks through the limitation of materials, restrain the problem of non-specific-binding,combined with a portable AIOT device that can quickly 
Keyword nanoparticles Internet of Things biosensor Non-specific binding Hydrophilicity Surface modification Food allergen rapid detection
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