Technical Name 智慧型電化學阻抗生物感測晶片平台
Project Operator Department of Biological ScienceTechnology
Project Host 陳文亮
Our technology combines optimized semiconductor manufacturing technique with unique biomediator preparation to achieve the first reliable POC biosensing platform. Sensors developed according to this method possess reproducibility, accuracy,stability that meet POC. Our sensors are portable, require low sample volume, do not require sample processing,are extremely suitable for use in POC settings. They can also be integrated into IoT systems to aide in rapid decision making,can be mass produced. Overall, we are the first to achieve accessible, reliable detection at the POC.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1.Our technology achieves accurate detection while solving the problem of high noiseinconsistency, resulting in the first biosensor that meets requirements for POC testing.
2.Other biosensors are specific to single targettake 4-6 months to develop our biomediator is modular, allowing for development of new sensors in 1 week that can target protein, DNA/RNAcompounds.
3.Our sensors require low sample volume (10 μl)do not require sample processing. They can be integrated into IoT systems for fast communication,are much more accessible in POC settings than other devices."
Industrial Applicability
Initial mass production trials yielded 30,000 biochips/month with a CV of 5, meeting POC standards. When compared with global detection standard methods (ELISA/PCR), our technology is much faster (5 min vs 30 min)more accessible (portable, no sample processing). The electrochemical biosensor market has estimated value of 23.7 billion USD with our technological breakthroughs, we plan to broaden the range of POC targets to detect analytes such as cTnICOVID-19 virus that currently cannot be detected at the POC.
Matching Needs
Keyword Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) Point-of-care (POC) Precision Medicine Semiconductor Biosensor Internet of Things (IoT) Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Myocardial infarction (MI) Ambulance Epidemic Prevention of COVID-19
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