• Technical Name
  • Self-healing ultra-high performance concrete
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  • National Cheng Kung University
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  • Smart machinerynovel materials
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  • 顏誠皜
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  • 10710039@gs.ncku.edu.tw
Technical Description The self-healing ultra-high-performance concrete is a green construction material. It has the key characteristics of self-healing ability, high deformability, and ultra-high strength. The material composition contains a high proportion of by-products from industrial manufacturing. The particle packing density of the developed material is optimized to make this new multi-functional concrete material also have the ability of self-healing and deformability.
Scientific Breakthrough The use of the developed multifunctional concrete in structures can effectively delay the development of concrete cracks under the action of strong earthquakes. The deformable ability, high strength, and material properties of crack suppression of the developed new concrete can significantly improve the structural toughness of seismic deficient structures. With the enhanced strength and toughness, it is possible to effectively reduce the amount of reinforcing steel and simplify the design of reinforcement for structural repairs and retrofitting after a strong earthquake. Moreover, it can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate potential structural damage and repair and improve the service life of structures.
Industrial Applicability The developed advanced multi-functional concrete can reach more than seven times the strength of ordinary concrete, and has compressive strength close to that of steel materials. It can be used to reinforce seismic-deficient structures in millions of old buildings in Taiwan. The use of the developed multifunctional concrete for reinforcement can greatly reduce the use of reinforcing steel. Even without using reinforcing steel at all, it can effectively strengthen the deformation toughness, strength, and stiffness of the member under the action of seismic force, which is an important breakthrough in practice.