• Technical Name
  • The comprehensive multi-tier long-term care delivery information platform
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  • National Health Research Institutes
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  • Precision Health Ecosystem
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  • 游晴雅
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  • candy@nhri.edu.tw
Technical Description This project aims to incorporate the state-of-the-art InformationCommunication Technologies (ICT), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data techniques in linking every aspect of community-based integrated long-term care (LTC), improving the efficiency of care servicesadministrative process,to realize the idea of Aging in Place emphasized in the Long-term Care Policy 2.0 in Taiwan.
Scientific Breakthrough NHRI has built the comprehensive care-delivery information platform by ICT-introduced long-term care (LTC) service delivering management and resource sharing that integrates LTC services and health care provided by local community-based multi-tier ABC LTC services. This platform will gradually establish local person-centered health database with data standardization for LTC Big Data techniques application in developments of LTC clinical practice guidelines, decision support system and AI in long-term care industry.
Industrial Applicability Establish local person-centered health database to fulfill person-centered health care services in multi-tier intervention care models by the Long-term Care Policy 2.0 in Taiwan.1. Linkage of multi-tier ABC services to optimize care delivery.2. Facilitate communication between different care givers and professions to improve care efficiency.3. Develop periodic statistical reports for performance- assessment of long-term care services.