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  • High performance and high safety lithium ion battery
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  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
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  • 王復民
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  • mccabe@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Technical Description This technology delivers an oligomer that can be catalyzed by the transition Ni metal ions in the cathode material of lithium ion battery. This oligomer is used to form an adsorption layer within high ionic diffusivity substance on particle surface. This nano layer provides high rate constant of reactivity to fabricate an isolating polymer, which is used to isolate cathode and anode in order to prevent the exploration of battery.
Scientific Breakthrough The technique is to use nickel ions to catalyze the oligomer. The nano-sized adsorption layer formed after the catalysis can be electrochemically actuated to form a highly conductive ion soft substance, which can provide high ion diffusivity to improve battery performance.
Industrial Applicability Because this technology has the characteristics of improving the safety and cycle life of the battery, the commercial application is based on the battery for electric vehicles. Therefore, all the tests and analysis currently carried out are large batteries with 10~32Ah. Mainly, and the lithium battery cathode material is the most suitable lithium ternary material that is considered to be the most suitable for electric vehicle batteries.