• Technical Name
  • High-Sensitivity Point-of-Care Fiber-Optic Nanobiosensor
  • Operator
  • National Chung Cheng University, Center for Nano Bio-detection
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  • 周禮君
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  • chelkc@ccu.edu.tw
Technical Description Our Fiber Optic Nanobiosensor is the world's first sensing systemmethod to integrate nanomaterials, fiber optic sensing, microfluidic, biological, chemical, optoelectronicintelligent interface technologies. The sensing platform has six major advantages: high sensitivity, rapid, low sample volume, economic, portableeasy operation. These advantages are particularly suitable for point-
Scientific Breakthrough Our Fiber Optic Nanobiosensor is the world's first biosensing technology integrating nanoplasmonics with optical fiber to greatly enhance detection sensitivity. Further development of the \"Fiber Optic Nanogold-linked Sorbent Assay\" has superseded the competitors' detection limit by 3-5 orders to the femtomolar level without requiring expensive instrumentsconsumables and/or require l
Industrial Applicability Fiber Optic Nanobiosensor will take academicresearch institutions as the first market,then expand to food safety monitoring, agricultural diagnostics,environmental monitoring,finally to clinical diagnosticseven to emergency rooms, intensive care units, elderly long-term care centers,personal self-inspection.