• Technical Name
  • Engineeredclonally selected cell lines for higher virus titer
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  • Research Center for Animal Biologics, National Pingtung University of ScienceTechnology
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  • 柯冠銘
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  • kegm@mail.npust.edu.tw
Technical Description Our platforms include:1.Cell/Virus clone selection, 2.Expression of virus receptors in cells,3.Blocking cells’ antiviral response, 4.Immortalization of primary cells,5.Serum-free suspension cell culture. This can enhance virus titers, vaccine production efficiency, developing new vaccines,up to industrial scale with vaccine qualitylower costs.
Scientific Breakthrough By using this technique platform we can improve virus titeralso improve efficiency of vaccine production for 10 to 10000 fords in comparison to current industrial techniques.(Table 2)
Industrial Applicability This technology was used to develop varieties of animal vaccines as the table 4.