Technical Name 3D visualization systemHigh-Tech simulation on disaster operation warning products
Project Operator National ScienceTechnology Center for Disaster Reduction
Project Host 陳宏宇
The combination of high resolution simulation methodthe 3D visualization system can perform  the structurethe path of the typhoon more clearly, which is beneficial to the analysis of typhoon intensity, typhoon path,warning information during disaster operation.
Scientific Breakthrough
The WISSDOM can optimize meteorology data derived from Model, Sounding,Wind profiler. The interaction between the typhoon circulationthe topography can be observed more clearly. Therefore, the ability of disaster warning for extreme rainfall will then be enhanced.
Industrial Applicability
The simulated 3D typhoon can be displayed into the air by means of the Hypervsn holographic projection technology, which is launched by the company of Kino-mo. The projection technology is adopted by many companies. Based on the combination of innovative meteorological technologyholographic projection, typhoon intensitypossible impacts can be analyzed more clearly.  More detailedmor
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