Technical Name MEMORIO® Smart Window Film
Project Operator Seeing Display Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Host Anthony LU
MEMORIO® Smart Window Film is based on an innovative memory function liquid crystal materials and processes called MLC® technology. People could switch MEMORIO® Smart Window Film on or off one time to keep it transparency or opaque without continuously powered on. It would save a lot of electricity up to 300 times vs. the current PDLC smart film which must be powered all the time to maintain its transparence.

SEEING's MEMORIO® Smart Window Film and MLC® technology are the best solution to achieve a better living and low carbon emission future!
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
MEMORIO® Smart Window Film is an energy-saving building material and suitable for long-term and larger-size area operation. MEMORIO® Smart Window Film is an alternative solution to the current existing products, e.g. fog film, solar film, blind, motorized curtain, and PDLC smart film. It would help to easily control the natural light, protect privacy, block solar heat/UV/IR through windows, and minimize allergy.

Industrial Applicability
Based on MLC® technology, SEEING also develops advanced MEMORIO® Transparent Digital Display Films as shop window advertising posters which could display and memorize designated images and texts with transparent and larger size features more than the current E-ink papers.
Keyword energy-saving low carbon
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