Technical Name Multi-function silicon photonics integrated circuit for driving three-axis fiber optic gyroscope
Project Operator National Sun Yat-sen University
Project Host 洪勇智
We realized a miniaturized fiber optic gyroscope driving module by silicon photonic technology,demonstrates a tactical-grade performance. These results have attracted the attention from industry, governmentacademia. We further employed wavelength division multiplexing for on-chip integration of the three-axis photonic gyroscopes. This technique can be applied to satellites, drones, underwater vehicles, defense, robotics, autonomous vehicles, etc.
Scientific Breakthrough
By leveraging CMOS-enabled silicon photonics technology, we demonstrate a photonic integrated circuit with a fingertip size that monolithically integrates all activepassive photonic devices necessary for driving a fiber optic gyroscope. We obtained tactical grade performance with a bias instability of 0.105 deg./hran angle random walk of 0.097 deg./rt-hr. We further employ wavelength division multiplexing to enable three-axis photonic-integrated gyroscopes with noise reduction.
Industrial Applicability
Miniaturized silicon photonics gyroscope module can be applied to navigationstabilization related fields such as satellites, drones, underwater vehicles, robotics, autonomous vehicles, etc. Recently, UAV manufacturers in AustraliaUS have paid close visits,have signed a bilateral MOUNDA to jointly promote silicon photonics gyroscope to the commercial market. YOLE Intelligence is optimistic that the market penetration of photonic-integrated gyroscope will peak around 2040.
Keyword fiber optic gyroscope inertial sensor inertial measurement unit photonic integrated gyroscope multi-function integrated optic circuit silicon photonics photonic integrated circuit wavelength division multiplexing optical phase modulator grating coupler
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