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  • Autonomous Vehicle with CAN/LIN Bus Communication Protocol
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  • Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
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  • 唐經洲
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  • tjj@stust.edu.tw
Technical Description CAN is the standard protocol for communicating between electronic components of an automobile. The CAN bus, which is the network carrying the CAN signals, turns out to be especially important in autonomous vehicles, as these vehicles are almost always drive-by-wire systems.
This work aims to design an autonomous vehicle that able to sensing the surrounding environment. The self-driving vehicle can moves in certain path between two points A and B. All the electronic control unit (ECUs) of this autonomous vehicle will communicate over a control area network (CAN) bus. Every control unit captures all data published on the CAN bus and classified based on the identifier of each ECU according to emergency or location data.
Scientific Breakthrough *CAN Bus Physical Layer & Data Link Layer is implemented
*LIN Bus Physical Layer & Data Link Layer is implemented
*Network Management is impemented
*IVN Protection is realized
*IVN Gateway is designed
*IVN Diagnosis (OBDII/J1939) is provided
Industrial Applicability The technology we developed for this Autonomous vehicle cover the followin technologies:
*CAN Bus Physical Layer & Data Link Layer
*LIN Bus Physical Layer & Data Link Layer
*Network Management
*IVN Protection
*IVN Gateway
*IVN Diagnosis (OBDII/J1939)