Technical Name Low-carbon mass-production solution-coated fabricationdesign of flexible semitransparent organic photovoltaic module.
Project Operator Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council
Project Host 曹正熙
Flexible semitransparent organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules are thin paperflexible. The layers of OPV are fabricated by solution-coating under ambient airroom-temperature environment. We developed an Lab-to-Fab technique for upscaling the cell to large-area module. The design of transparent electrode enables the high-transparency of module. The new low-cost encapsulation technique highly improves the lifetime of module. The performance is examined under outdoor greenhouse test.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our breakthrough: Novellow-cost encapsulation technique for flexible module. Our flexible module has power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 6~8average visible transmittance (AVT) of 17. The PCE is higher than that reported in the world based on the slot-die coated module with the same area. The T80 lifetime under outdoor greenhouse test is more than 200 days compared to the currently reported data of 90 days.
Industrial Applicability
1) Solar panel: Thinlight OPV module can be easily installed on large-area wallswindows of building for facilitating BIPV. (2) Carbon reduction: Energy payback time of Si PV is ten times larger than that of OPV. (3) Energy saving: serve as energy-saving films.(4) Indoor energy harvest: OPV module under indoor lighting has high PCE, providing energy for the sensors of IOT.(5) Smart, wearableflexible electronic: serve as self-power source to replace the conventional battery.
Keyword Organic photovoltaic module Polymer solar cell Large-area slot-die coating Power conversion efficiency Average visible transmittance Flexible semitransparent module Ambient air environment Mass production Building integrated photovoltaic Agrivoltaics
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