Technical Name Organic Photovoltaics Materials and Module
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host
We developed p-type conjugated polymers and n-type nonfullerene acceptors. The materials are used to develop large area organic solar cell modules by solution process. The PCE of small area device and modules can be improved to over 14% and 8%, respectively, with enhanced the ambient stability and thermal stability. The OPVs will be fabricated on flexible substrates to develop wearable electronics.
Scientific Breakthrough
We developed p-type conjugated polymer materials and n-type nonfullerene electron acceptor materials in large scale production. These materials with suitable energy levels and complementary absorption can achieve PCE over 14% and the large-area organic solar cell modules can achieve PCE over 8% with enhanced ambient stability and thermal stability.
Industrial Applicability
For the industry application, we hope that the organic solar cell could be commercialize and create the all new solar energy market. In the end, the organic solar cell can apply on soft and flexible substrate to develop the soft electronics and wearable electronics. Furthermore, the organic solar cell can connect with the in-door lighting application and Internet of Things.
Keyword synthesis large scale production conjugated polymers fullerenes non-fullerene acceptor organic solar cell module Internet of Things In-door lighting wearable electronics
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