Technical Name Ultra-Weak Light Imaging Technology: Wearable Goggles for Capturing Invisible Signals
Project Operator Ming Chi University of Technology
Project Host 劉舜維
We present a lightweight, transparent,cost-effective infrared imaging technology utilizing organic molecules. This innovative approach combines an organic infrared photodetector, a transparent conductive electrode,an organic light-emitting diode into an integrated "organic upconversion device." Thus, we have successfully integrated this device into compact wearable glasses, expanding human visual perception by converting invisible infrared energy into the visible spectrum.
Scientific Breakthrough
We have developed a novel upconversion device using our materials science, optoelectronics,electron engineering expertise. Our device incorporates an organic molecule as the charge generation layerdemonstrates a large-area, semi-transparent, lightweight, wearable infrared imaging capability. The uniqueness of our technology lies in the integration of organic heterogeneous interfaces, exciplex emitting layer,transparent alloy electrodes, combining interdisciplinary knowledge.
Industrial Applicability
Organic upconversion devices possess immense potential for commercialization. For instance, enhanced imaging in low-light conditions benefits surveillanceautonomous systems. Asian Silicon ValleySmart Machinery have gained substantial advantages in this field. Improved vital sign monitoring is advancing Precise Health. These applications are in line with the government's innovation objectives. Embracing this technology propels progress,contributes to national development.
Keyword Weak light sensing infrared imaging anti-detection devices organic upconversion devices organic photodetectors organic light-emitting diodes transparent conductive electrodes heterogeneous integration image fusion medical monitoring
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