Technical Name Intelligent Electronic Suspension System of Evolutionary Driving
Project Operator Feng Chia University
Project Host 林昱成
Our teams consists of six professorsworking with five automotive industries to jointly develop a domestic 『Intelligent Electronic Suspension (IES) System』. By combining AI perception, decisioncontrol technologies, the IES system has successfully implemented, which not only promote ride comfortvehicle stability when passing the road defects,increase its durability, but also increase the vehicle's handling stability when passing through the puddle.
Scientific Breakthrough
Pavement Defects Perception System: AI perceptionmodel compression technologies are developed,implemented on an automotive embedded system. The recognition accuracy rate is 76.08,execution speed is 27.8 FPS.Suspension DecisionControl System: a domestic IES system is realized by Integrating air springsolenoid valve adjustable damper,reinforcement learning scheme, not only effectively improves ride comfort by 22.52, but also reduces steering radius by 20.
Industrial Applicability
1. AI model lightweightembedded technologies: It has entered the Nissan automotive supply chain with our cooperators, estimated 750 million NTD in derivatives.2. Taiwan Pavement Defect Image Dataset: TPDID can increase road repair efficiency by sending the road defect detection results to the roadway maintenance unit in real time.3. Intelligent Electronic Suspension System: It will be introduced to the "large vehicle industry" to add value air springs, so as to improve ride comfort.
Keyword Intelligent electronic suspension system AI pavement defects perception system AI decision and control System Air spring Solenoid valve adjustable damper Taiwan Pavement Defect Image Dataset (TPDID) AI model lightweight Automotive embedded system ride comfort vehicle stability
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