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Technical Description We developed our very own battery management system as well as improved the battery infrastructure, ensuring higher voltage as well as better safety; we completely redesigned the suspension system, monitoring different dynamic performances via individual shock absorbers; we also used the lighter and stronger carbon fiber as the material for our wishbones.
Scientific Breakthrough 本車是全台灣第一台學生方程式電動賽車,最大特點為學生自己所開發的電池管理系統。國外強校所使用的電池管理系統乃是挑選適當的市售系統以用於車上,然而本隊從全車電系的architecture design下至電路板的製造都是由學生自行設系與完成。依照實際車輛硬體設計及需求所設計的電系系統,更能提高車輛的整體操縱性以及密切配合車輛動態需求。
Industrial Applicability Everywhere in the vehicle market is there a trend of switching from internal combustion cars to electric and driverless cars. However, as in comparison to the more developed and saturated engine cars market, the development of electric vehicles will require more advanced and innovative technology to sustain the management of the entire vehicle.