Technical Name GI Hemo-stop powderits delivery device system
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 林錫璋
Our innovation is a transendoscopic functional powder delivery system. The delivery device can spray powders to gastrointestinal tract lesions. The system inherited precision under endoscopy. The powder can adhere to lesions longer than that in liquid form. The powder can achieve the goals by two mechanisms: 1. To absorb water in the bleeding lesions. 2. To form a barrier to protect the bleeding site from further injury. More medical powders are in the waiting list to be endoscopists’ armament.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our functional powder delivery system can spray hemostaticother powders if the powders has adequate dryness,particle size. Our system use air from hospital centerit can be held on an injection standbe controlled by a foot pedal moreover, special designed to reduce the clogging rates. Therefore, endoscopist can keep concentration on the treatment screen for treating the patient precisely. The technology can extend more indications for more patients.
Industrial Applicability
Our delivery system will impact medical practice significantly. The hemostatic powder will save patients from deathmore functional powders will be available from Pharmaceutical industry that are ulcer-cancer-related. Our system enables physicians/researchers to approach colonsmall intestine directly. Some biologicsdisused probiotic-candidates due to sensitive to gastric juicebile can be reevaluated. Therefore, it is beneficial to fermentation industryresearchers.
Keyword Therapeutic endoscopy precise medicine delivery system hemostatic powder functional powder transendoscopic Aerodynamics
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