Technical Name 改變無線通訊環境之電磁面鏡技術
Project Operator National Chung Cheng University
Project Host 張盛富
A special electromagnetic surface is designed to guide the beam to the desired area with multiple reflections to solve the low transmission ratedisruption caused by the non-line of sightmulti-path transmission in indooroutdoor environments. Reduce the cost of the overall communication network,make the deployment of mobile communication base stations more economical.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology can increase the signal quality by 33dB in the blind area of the communication, that is, the power level increases by about 2000 times. It is extremely effective to improve the signal quality in the blind zone of the communication. In addition to the CW power test, the team also conducts 64QAM modulation signal transmissionvideo transmission tests, all of which have good resultswill be shown to the audience on site.
Industrial Applicability
The construction of the future 5G system will cost many thousands of small cell base stations arranged. The cooperation of electromagnetic surfacesmall cell base station can effectively guide the signal to multiple RF dark zones. It will enhance the efficiency of space usingenergy.
Matching Needs
Keyword electromagnetic surface engineering surface millimeter-wave transmission non-light-of-sight (NLOS) transmission blind spot beam guiding electromagnetic wave guiding 5G base station low cost
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