Technical Name 多都卜勒雷達三維風場合成技術(WISSDOM)於劇烈天氣監測與研究之應用
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 廖宇慶
"WISSDOM uses radial winds observed by multiple Doppler weather radars to synthesize the 3D wind fields in the atmosphere. Using variational approach to make the retrieved winds satisfy the following mathematicalphysical laws : (1)The geometric relationship between the retrieved windsthe radial winds observed by each individual radar (2)anelastic continuity equation (3)vertical vorticity equation (4) background wind field (5) Laplacian smoothing term. Special treatment is made allowing direct wind retrieval over complex terrain, which is 
necessary for weather analysis in Taiwan."
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
WISSDOM is able to optimally combine data from different sources, including weather radar (any number), surface station, sounding, profiler, satellite ocean-surface wind, lidar,selected numerical model outputs. Therefore it has very high flexibility in real applications. The difficulty occurred in traditional approaches associated with the radar base-line wind retrievaldirect wind analysis along the complex terrains have been resolved in WISSDOM. This is the most important breakthrough in WISSDOM,is important for weather analysis in Taiwan.
Industrial Applicability
The 3D wind field produced by WISSDOM can be used for the analysisresearch of the severe weather, to improve the forecast accuracyreduce the damage. The wind fields are also very important for real-time monitoring of the airflow in boundary layer, so that the management of green energy generated by offshore wind farms can be optimized. In addition, high resolution WISSDOM wind field can be applied to detect the wind shear in airport, which is a critical factor for aviation safety. WISSDOM wind field can also be utilized to evaluate the impact of cloud seeding in enhancing rainfall.
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Keyword weather radar three-dimensional wind synthesis hazardous weather weather forecast
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