• Technical Name
  • 具高功因之全身垂直律動系統之研製
  • Operator
  • National Formosa University
  • Booth
  • 電子&光電 Electronics & Optoelectronics
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  • 陳裕愷
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  • ykchen@nfu.edu.tw
Technical Description This technology develops a high-efficiency whole-body vertical vibration system, which includes a high-power factor correction circuit, a 2-switch forward converter, a full-bridge inverter realized by a micro-controller. The developed application products can generate alternating sine-wave waveform of different frequenciesamplitudes to the electromagnet coils to generate vertical vibration force, thereby achieving the effect of high power factoraccelerated motion. Different frequenciesamplitude voltages can achieve different vibration body positionvibration strength.
Scientific Breakthrough Most of the existing vertical vibration machines use motors as the driving source. However, due to long-term mechanical vibration, their structure is easily fatiguedeven destroyed. The proposed vibration machine is implemented in two ways, a proposed digital full-bridge convertera classical analog class D amplifier. The advantages of this technology are wide vibration frequency, flexible digital control, high efficiencyhigh power factor. Additionally, the product price of this technology is less than 1/3 of the market.
Industrial Applicability The whole-body vibration training can enhance muscle strength, elasticity,explosive power at different vibration frequenciesamplitudes. According to the analysis of products on the market, it can be divided into variable frequencyfixed frequency. The price of variable frequency ranges from NT. 114,000 to 567,000. The price of the proposed variable frequency product is about NT. 50,000. High-efficiencyvariable-frequency whole-body vibration product. The completion of this product will make the developed product internationally competitive.